So, who’s our friend for today?
iReviewer, as fast shooting, unlimited mana and HP, shooting a Sniper Rifle faster than a unreal SDMG.
Wild Terrarian informed me 1st, and then mass of players informed me then. Tped to the spawn, and BOOM!,
dozens of typhoons are spinning around the spawn and killing everyone who’s in PvP, much more than you can afford, even
if you have 500 mana points, which isnt possible.
and then, after I detected him, he kept to be exactly where I am and teleporting to me, even it it isnt possible (He\She is a member),
and the player was cold to my warnings and the threats.

So, here are my proofs-
(You can barely see the shots of the sniper, but he was using Venom bullet, as its the best one)


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Report resolved. The player admitted to his offence and has been banned.