1.1 style PvP mode

I was recently hit with a memory I had of PvP in 1.1 when I was around 9 or 10 years old. It was slow, clunky, but highly tactical. I was thinking, with the plugins the PvP server has, and the additional re-balances and features added since 1.1, 1.1 style PvP can exist again on dark gaming! I was thinking of a game mode (similar to the duels game mode described by Blanc) where in only items from the 1.1 era would be allowed with some exceptions, like lets say dyes for vanity. To speed up the 1.1 style combat, we can keep the additional accessory slots master mode adds into 1.4, despite only using 1.1 accessories. Just a thought.

It’s gimmicky but I think it’s a fun idea which is not impossible to implement. I have a 1.1 PvP loadout for demonstration and proof of concept on the server already. It’s called ‘PvP1.1’.

(Oh crap so many gamemodes suggestions we better make sure not to overload the only two devs)

What is 1.1 style PvP? Never there during 1.1, but I’m sure it would prob fit as a gamemode, maybe we can make maps for it too? I really like the idea.


Definitely not a bad idea - but if I’m giving my personal opinion, I doubt this would be very popular. I doubt it’d be hard to implement, it’s simple enough but most of our playerbase are people who are new to the game and get frustrated when they can’t win easily. Doesn’t mean it’s terrible, but I don’t think it’d be worth making an entire gamemode for.