Zombie Mode: Max Player Glitch

Discovered By BeZykel

Ingame Name: BeZykel

Map: Any

Device: Mobile

PC Unknown

This Bug Allows To Do Everything But If You Choose A Class You Will Be Normal Player

Full Explained/How This Bug Happen:
To Triggered This Bug It Contains Lag And Max Player, If You Join On Max Player Lobby And Got Lucky Accindently You Will Be Teleported At The Spawn You Can Do Anything There But To Leave But If You Have Little Lag You Can Go The The Map You Playing With.
This Bug Is Probabke The Most Broken Bug Ive Ever Witness, Pls Dont Use This Bug Its Very Bannable.

Pls Fix It!

Forgot To Screen Shot How i Spawn But I got this
No Edit or Anything
Screen Shot



Just rejoin to avoid be reported


Do you mean the Intermission area?

Also, this bug has already been reported. In the case of this occuring to you or anyone else, type this command: /lobby descape


This bug is already known, and it’s probably intentional (or else it wouldn’t say lobby is full) Rather than reporting it, suggest a way to fix it maybe?


Not the One ur stuck on intermission but its different also am trying it again to get better screen shots and explainations :smiley:


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On my Review Finnaly found the asnwer AND Yes Its Very Simililar Where you get stuck on Intermission Thats 99% True but the only Thing still bothering in my mind is When the server told me This Lobby Is Max i think it tries to send me out to Gamemodes instead i got stuck in Random place Sorry no Screen Shot :frowning: Forgive me. Should I Delete The Bug Report?