This Bully

[1] Members name.
[Not Not Waldo]

[2] Report: what rule(s) they broke (quote them).
[this is probably not a rule, but this guy bullied me(he called me lazy,noob and non]

[3] Did this affect anyone (e.g. they were using their hacks in PvP)?
[This emottionaly affected me]

[4] Evidence. (If this includes chat, Phase link one or more messages)
[i unfortunaly didnt printed the messages but i will try to remake them… Not Not Waldo: Who is this guy using beetle armor and tsunami? me: its me. Not Not Waldo: You dont know what is aggro? Me: I know! Not Not Waldo: you are probably a noob or non me: I used 60+ chloro bars to make this! Not Not Waldo: u are lazy]

[5] Dimension: (if this is a server report).

[6] Roughly, the time (in UTC) the offence was made. (if this is a
server report)

[Unfortunately, i dont remember when this guy bullied me, because i made this report 1 day after he bulliy me, but i think it was 20:00 - 23:00]
history: When this happened i was going to farm golems, and a tanker was tanking it, i accidentally stealed the aggro and this happened.


I found the messages you mentioned:
Phase “yea confirmed nons noob”

Time: 1:25 AM UTC, 10/21/2021

And also: people who bully others on this server break this rule:


Well i coudn’t find the messages in phase but Thanks


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