Suggestion of reworking the server rules

Below I made a concept for reworking the rules. Do not hesitate to comment on what can be made differently or improved on this suggestion. I will soon make the same for the discord rules.

INFO to those who appeal a ban or report players: Do not use this ruleset when quoting the rules, instead use the official rules listed here.

Red stroken through : This text is to remove
Yellow: This text is to add
(Orange in parantheses): Comments

The following is the complete list of Rules. This topic intends to be comprehensive. If you have no intention of offending other players, harming the server, or gaining certain unfair advantages, then you will already be following most of these rules.

Further, some people may argue that players do not have a chance to read the rules; if a player is banned, they may appeal, giving them a chance to read over the rules.

There are a few key words to summarise here:

  • Respect
  • Maturity
  • Rationality

Section 0 - General


These rules aim to be complete coverage of actions or issues that are not permitted here. It is lengthy to provide accurate descriptions of what the rule is and how it can be broken. However, when a player’s behaviour is subversive, malicious or otherwise widely unwanted, then the rules may not be used to counter such behaviour. A ban made of this type will only be created if it has either: been made clear to the player that such behaviour is causing trouble and necessary warnings have been conveyed, or when such behaviour involves rare cases such as bots or software exploits. When such an issue is not unique and is found to be repeated enough times, it will be listed as a rule.

#2 Proof

Proof of breakage of rules is only required in the case of grief, where the history plugin is available on that dimension, where the images clearly show what was griefed, the history displays when it was griefed, and the actions rolled back. The exception is when the griefer attempts to tamper with the evidence before it can be collected appropriately, which makes it too difficult to provide proper evidence. Other bans do not require proof.

#3 Accountability

All members are responsible for their own actions when judged against the rules. A member is responsible for all actions that happens on their device/account if those are shared. Only managers with direct orders to subvert a specific rule, such as testing the system, are permitted not to be accountable for breaking that specific rule.

#4 Community

Any actions, which may or may not include those covered by the rules in the other sections, which go against other users specifically to ruin their experience in the community, may be banned without warning. This rule will only be applied when it is clear that a user is trying to ruin another member’s experience by repeated insults, teasing or other means.(The chat aspect with harassment and teasing was moved to the proposed S1#13)

#5 Warnings

Unless otherwise stated in a specific rule, warnings whose purpose is to fulfil the requirements for a ban are only considered valid if given by a Staff Member. Thus, warnings given by non-staff members do not count towards any requirements for a ban when a rule requires them before a ban can be made.

#6 Aiding Others

Actions taken by a user to aid someone in breaking the rules, including to try and prevent the rule breaker from being found out, as well as helping someone avoid detection for ban evasion and discouraging reports using harassment and similar, is forbidden. A user that is found to be doing this will be banned.

Section 1 - Chat Rules

#1 Spam

Spam is not tolerated in the chat. An anti-spam plugin is in use on the server to control spam while limited moderation is in effect; however, spam is punishable by Ban if the spammer shows no reluctance of future spam.

hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

#2 Spam - Caps

Full Caps, repeated use of caps and mostly caps are not tolerated in the chat. It is not needed in any way and is seen simply as spam. The same conditions apply to the use of Caps as other types of spam. This rule applies no matter if the all caps message was blocked by the anti-spam plugin or not
(Moved the MAKE SURE example to the spoilered examples)


Acceptable: Make sure that you DO NOT take it off until the end.
Unacceptable: MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT TAKE IT OFF near the end.

GO TO THE ARENA you idiots

#3 Spam - Caps Exceptions of the caps rule

Emoticons, such as XD and :smiley: are permitted on the basis that they are not consecutively used without any attached words. Suppose that a user sends 2 chat lines, each with only one Emoticon; this is considered spam. The same goes for acronyms such as LOL and OMG; While they are permitted, repeated, single-word use (or in combination with an emoticon) is forbidden and considered spam.

:D xD :D ;)

#4 Racism, Fascism, Homophobia and other discrimination

Racism, fascism, homophobia and other discrimination are not tolerated in the chat. Any person violating this rule in the chat (or otherwise) will be banned.

Fucking niggers should be banned
Chinese people aren't allowed in here
White people should be burned

+New examples+

Heil Hitler
I hate gay people
LGBT is cringe shit

#5 Profanity and Related

Profanity and related language is to be used rarely and may not be used against someone. Overusage of profanity will be warned and if it doesn’t stop, a ban will be issued. In more severe cases the swearing will be punished by a ban directly.

Fucking boss
stupid piece of shit
Fuck you Rofle
Whomever spawned that boss, fuck you

#6 Religious, sexual, political or other controversal topics

Religious, sexual and political or other related divisive discussions are not to be held within the server. These create divides between players and/or are not suitable for the Terraria audience. Anyone doing this will receive up to two warnings before being banned

If you don't believe in God you need to repent your sins now
Christianity is obviously a lie
Does anyone want to see my penis?
Why are you gay?

+New examples+ (for political talk)

Vote for (Politician)

#7 Impersonation

Using the name of, claiming to be or hinting at your identity being that of another person is impersonation. Jokes do not get around the rules if not clearly marked as such.

  1. Impersonating other members of the community without their permission and if it is thought by many other persons that the impersonater is indeed the impersonated member will result in a ban.
  2. Impersonating those outside of the community, when considered by Staff to be malicious or fraudulent, will result in a warning and any further offence will result in a ban.
  3. Impersonating those outside of the community when not considered malicious or fraudulent, and therefore for entertainment purposes, is permitted. This also includes if you impersonate a member with their permission for entertainment purposes
    4. Registering a name that is considered impersonation will cause that account to be disabled.(moved to S1#9)

Note that in all these examples, it is assumed that the person talking is not who they claim.[/color]

[Member] <George>: I am Rofle

Jokes do not allow you to get around this rule:
[Member] : I am Rofle (joke)

Here it is not clear if it is a joke

[Member] <George>: I am Rofle
[Member] <George>: not

Neither is faking:

[Guest] <Bob>: <Rofle> hi everybody
[Guest] <Bob>: I am Rofle alt
[Guest] <Bob>: This is an alt, my real account is Rofle
[Member] <Jimmy>: I am the owner and will ban you

We will assume you are not a popular person unless proof is given otherwise:

[Member] <Redigit>: I created Terraria, AMA
[Member] <Spagit>: I created Terraria, AMA

Appearing to be the server:

[Member] <Bob> :
King Slime has awoken!

A claim to authority, regardless of a specific person being impersonated if being thought that the impersonator is really a staff member:

[Member] <Bob> : I'm going to switch to my admin account and ban you
[Member] <RukiRukia> : No! What did I do???
[Member] <Bob> : If you don't stop I will ban you
[Member] <NejiNeji> : Can you ban Ky07, pls, he wrote me the N word in /w
[Member] <Bob> : No.

#8 Non-English Languages

For the public chat, English is the only language supported. i.e. Players are free to use any language they want. However, our Staff is not required to understand nor speak any language other than English. Players can be punished for violations of the rules regardless of whether they have understood our warnings if their inability to understand the warnings is due to their inability to understand English.


A spammer will still be punished, even if they cannot understand a warning written in English:

[Member] <George>: Привет фоышлвоыфвошывоышвоышво
[Moderator] <Tip>: Don't spam George
[Member] <George>: Я не умею читать по английски
[Member] <George>: фоышывпоышвоыавраврво

#9 Character or otherwise, Usernames

Character Names and Usernames should themselves follow the chat rules.

Particular differences for this rule:
*Profanity is to be limited, and therefore having it in your name at all is in violation.

The punishments of an inappropriate name will be the same as if the name was entered as a chat message.

Registering an account name that violates this rule causes that account to be disabled.






Eat my pussy


THOMAS caps caps

#10 Advertising

Publicly displaying, trying to display or sending anything closely related to a foreign IP or domain is forbidden. This includes IPv6, IPv4 and local network IP addresses.

If you want to tell friends of another server, use “/w” to chat to the player directly. It is still a violation if you use /w or other commands to send out foreign IP addresses or domains as a way of bypassing public chat for advertising purposes.

You are allowed to advertise a domain such as “youtube.comif not for your own benefits as it is already commonly known and not directly associated with the content and environment of our servers.

Terraria versions are exempt from this rule (even though they are valid IPv4 addresses) so long as they are being used as versions and someone does not actually have this IP address to advertise, this includes past versions and potential future versions within reason, as well as misspellings of these versions.

join my server plz at
my server is at 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334
guys join my Minecraft server
best stuff at website

Not allowed as that is advertising for your own benefits

Sub to my YT channel!

Allowed, as it is a Terraria version:

Are you on

Allowed, as it is supposed to be a version:

Did you update to

Not allowed, under the possibility that someone has this IP

Join my server at IP!

#11 Filters

Subverting any filters put in place (such as anti-advertising, anti-spam) if doing this with intent to break another rule will lead to a ban. Getting around a filter means you received the automated warning and ignored it on purpose, breaking the rules knowingly.

THE GRASS IS GREEN capscapscapscaps
THE GRASS IS RED sorry for caps
join my server at 127 dot 0 dot 0 dot 1

Allowed as there is no intent to break other rules:

I am on 1;4;4;9
[Member] <Gaara> : How are you feeling?
[Member] <IchigoLucy15> : fine (antispam)

#12 Illegal topics

Talking about illegal topics is strictly forbidden and is punished with a ban. In more severe cases the ban may not be appealed.

I will token log Glasia to hack his Discord account and get him banned
I will DDOS the server if you don't unban my friend Mel10da.

#13 Harassment

Any actions, which may or may not include those covered by the rules in the other sections, which go against other users specifically to ruin their experience in the community, may be banned without warning. This rule will only be applied when it is clear that a user is trying to ruin another member’s experience by repeated insults, teasing or other means will be punished with a ban. Warnings may be given but due the nature of harassing warnings may not be required.
(Moved partially from S0#4 and reworded it so that it focuses on the chat aspect of ruining a member’s experience)

kill yourself
you are such a loser in pvp

#14 Readding members to the Terraria discussion in Phase (applies only to Phase)

Readding members to the main Terraria discussion is only to be done with approval by staff.

Section 2 - Griefing

#1 Griefing

Griefing is the removal/addition of blocks to another player’s structure without their permission to do so. Griefing is punishable by no other than a ban and will not expire. Protection is irrelevant in all cases of grief. It is only there to avoid having others break this rule.

#2 Mass Grief

Any player that Mass Grief’s, therefore, destroying multiple structures while still having the ability to create an unban app will need a very good reason to be unbanned.

#3 Small Griefing

Any Griefing as small as 0-15 blocks, collectively including all grief found, is not bannable, but the player will be warned.

#4 World Grief

Builders that place/destroy blocks randomly around the world are griefing the world. This deconstructs the environment and destroys normal terrain. Players that do this will share the same consequences as actual griefing.
(Moved from S6#4)

Section 3 - PvP

#1 Commands

Using commands that were not given with the intent to be used in PvP, such as “/buildmode”, are disallowed from use in PvP and said accounts might have their groups changed to avoid future abuse of said command. This includes but is not limited to blocking the function after equipping the related command(s).
PvP allowed commands:

  • /buff, /permabuff - you may not buff yourself with any buffs that you cannot obtain through potions
  • /heal - only on yourself. After use, you may not enter PvP until after 30 seconds. This is strict. If you do not want to have to count, do not use the command with any intentions to PvP
  • /tp - only when the person you are teleporting to is not inside the PvP arena
  • /warp and related
  • /i - except when used for “heart”

#2 Prefixed ammo, armor, etc

Prefixing items such as Ammo and Armor through the “/i” command is allowed. It does not provide an unfair advantage to other players who also have the same ability.

#3 Through-wall bug/exploit

Some weapons can shoot through walls unintentionally. While this can be annoying, other players can do the same and therefore, through-wall shooting is allowed.
(S3#2 and S3#3 are outdated as prefixed armor and iirc also prefixed ammo is blocked and the shoot through wall exploit happens much more rarely than in 1.2)

#4 Teaming

PvP is, by default, a free-for-all. If you wish to team up with one or more players, everyone online must agree to it, not just the player(s) you want to team with.. If you wish to play with different teams enabled, the players wanting to play in teams against each other must use the duel arenas (reachable via /warp duel, /warp duel2, /warp duel3 and /warp duel4) to not to interfere with the free-for-all players

#5 PvP-Logging

Leaving and rejoining PvP with the sole intention of avoiding damage or death is disallowed. We expect users to exhibit a level of decency and respect. Leaving the dimension or server multiple times to avoid death, only to rejoin and continue PvPing, is unsportsmanlike and unneeded. Users who are PvP-logging will receive up to 2 warnings before being banned.

Section 4 - PvE

#1 Commands

Most commands are allowed in PvE. With exceptions:

  • /buff, /permabuff - you cannot buff yourself with the following:
    image Rapid Healing
    image Dryad’s Blessing
    imageimageimage Any of the Nebullas and their tier
    image Cerebral Mindtrick
    image Life Drain
    image Holy Protection
    image Feral Bite
    image Werewolf

#2 Ownership

You cannot tell people to go away or stay out of an area where bosses are spawned.

Section 5 - Hacking/Exploits

#1 Hacked Clients [or Modified Clients]

All types of modified clients that deviate gameplay functionally in any way from the original Terraria client is forbidden; this also includes using 3rd party programs, such as Inventory Editors, to modify your character to possess impossibilities. However, texture packs are exempt*. Warnings may be given; however, due to the nature of the people using these clients, warnings may not be required.. Anyone being found using a modified client will be banned. In cases where this negatively affects other players, to a degree of selfishness, then the ban may not be appealed.

People using any Modifications for PvP Advantages are deemed worse. Therefore, they should not be warned and instead banned.(Any hacks are banned instantly)

* That do not alter game mechanics (e.g. hitboxes, visibility of tiles/walls, visibility of lighting). In other words, they must keep all things intact that the originals do except the art style.

#2 Exploits

An exploit is unintended behaviour of the game that can be done without using third-party modifications (as that would be considered violation of S5#1). This also includes unintended behaviour of the server such as errors with the DTP, anticheat, antispam etc. The use of exploits is forbidden and punishable by a ban. It will be up to the discretion of staff to provide a warning instead, where an exploit has a minor impact.

Exceptions to this rule are:

  • Hoiks

Why is ‘x’ Banned?

This section explains bans on items that may seem odd. Items such as bombs are not included here as the reason is obvious.

Item Reason
Beach Ball There is an exploit that can spam the chat
Pigron Statue Spawns very strong mobs that can fly through blocks
Lava Bucket Creates traps that can be hardly removed and is abusable to grief
Snake Charmer’s Flute Can bypass grief protection
Bast statue (only in Survival) Duping exploit which involves Bast statues
Announcement Box Can be easily abused to spam the chat and to impersonate players

Section 6 - Building

#1 Buildings breaking the chat rules

Buildings that are made to bypass the chat such as buildings containing profanity, racism, advertising or controverse topics will be deleted without warning. Further actions such as revoking building rights may occur if the builder does not show reluctance to stop.

#1 Buildings related to Racism

Buildings that reference or otherwise are related to racism will be removed without warning. Further actions such as revoking building rights may occur if the builder does not show reluctance to stop.

#2 Buildings related to Religious, Sexual or other topics

Buildings that reference or otherwise are related to Religious, Sexual or related topics will be removed without warning. Further actions such as revoking building rights may occur if the builder does not show reluctance to stop.

#3 Buildings related to Advertising

Buildings that Advertise or otherwise contain content that could be counted as Advertising will be deleted, and the player will be banned.
(Merged the 3 rules above to one as those rules all say that buildings cannot break chat rules)

#4 World Grief

Builders that place/destroy blocks randomly around the world are griefing the world. This deconstructs the environment and destroys normal terrain. Players that do this will share the same consequences as actual griefing.
(Moved to S2#4)

Section 7 - Accounts

#1 Multiple Accounts

Multiple Accounts are forbidden. You are only permitted one account per person. Our experience only facilitates a person having a single account. Duplicate accounts will be deleted, and violation of this rule after a warning will result in a Ban. The player does not get to choose which account is considered the primary account.

#2 Other people using your Account (Who were permitted)

Accounts are one per person. An account may be temporarily or permanently suspended if it exhibits abnormal usage patterns.

#3 Other people using your Account (Who were not permitted)

If someone is using your account without your permission, notify an Admin and change your password via (/password).

#4 Removing Accounts

Your account will not be deleted or removed, even upon request, unless it is deemed necessary by Staff.

Section 8 - The Trading System

#1 Boosting

Using more than one client at a time on the server, intentionally letting someone kill you multiple times and other forms of PvP XP Farming, aka ‘Boosting’ is forbidden. XP denotes earned Experience. Boosting is not earned Experience.

#2 Bugs & Exploits

The exploitation of bugs or other unintentional mechanics is forbidden. Problems should be reported and should not be abused while they exist. Accounts that use bugs and exploits will be reset, suspended or the person may even be banned.

S8#1 and S8#2 are part of S5#2 - Exploits as that are exploits.)

#3 Abuse of commands

Abuse of any commands or permissions obtained through the Trading System may result in your account being permanently downgraded to a normal member account, thus preventing you from using permissions and chat customisation provided by the Trading System.

Section 9 - GameModes

#1 Classes

Intentionally cheating items into a class-enabled lobby is forbidden. You are ruining the lobby. Players doing this will be banned after a warning.
(This is covered by S5#1 - Hacks and S5#2 - Exploits. There the person was banned for S5#1 and not specifically for S9#1)

#2 Lobbies

Do not attempt to interfere with other peoples Lobbies while the battle is in progress. Such as standing outside the arena shooting into it, or in the case of zombies, even being near the arena. If you do so, you will be warned, kicked, and can be banned.
(Outdated as lobbies are hidden from eachother, so you can’t shoot into an arena)

#3 Exploits

Abusing or otherwise using an exploit, such as killing yourself before a battle based on lives starts, causing the battle to end, is forbidden, and you will be banned if you continue to use such exploits.
(This is covered by S5#2)

#4 AFK

Do not AFK during a lobby unless the people you are playing with are ok with it. If you are found being AFK in random lobbies or where the users there do not accept your behaviour, you will be kicked and may be banned if you keep doing it.

#5 Commands

The following restrictions are in place for commands in GameModes:

  • /buff, /permabuff - not permitted
    (/buff is blocked in zombies and in duels the pvp rules apply)

Section 10 - Survival

#1 Scamming

Scamming other users is not allowed. This includes, but not limited to, tricking players into giving you items, deceiving players in trades, and lying to other players to gain an advantage. If you break this rule, then you will be warned, kicked, and possibly banned.

If you drop an item for someone and someone else picks it up unintentionally and does not give it back, this is not scamming. You are expected to take precautions such as not trading near other players and turning on teleport protection. However, if someone is trying to catch item drops, you are trading to someone else; this can be seen as a violation of S0#4.

#2 Commands

The following restrictions are in place for commands on survival:

  • /buff - You are only allowed to buff yourself with potion buffs. Any non-potion buffs are not allowed.

(/buff is blocked in survivall)

#3 Item Drops

Keeping illegitimate item drops is equivalent to using a Modified Client to spawn them in. Refer to S5#1.
(Anticheat prevents hacking in items like in 2021, e. g. Zenith on day 1, for the remaining cases S5#1 is to be used, as whether you hacked is only seen in logs after long review)

#4 Statues

Statue spawns on a timer or otherwise, must be appropriately controlled and not unattended. If the statue spawns leave their spawn area, or a timer is left unattended, staff can remove all wiring, statues and timers of the problem structure. Repeated offences after a warning is bannable.

#7 Bosses

The spawn area is not to be used for boss fights. Any bosses being fought at spawn can and most likely will be despawned without loot drops.

#8 Ownership

An area claimed as a house using the /house command is owned by that player. However, only the tiles and contents of containers are considered claimed. The mobs and item drops in that area are not, and people cannot tell others to refrain from taking item drops or killing mobs in their house.

Areas outside of those claimed as a house are owned by the server. The tiles, mobs, contents of containers and item drops can be taken by anyone, and no one can claim that they own the structure, terrain, mobs, contents of containers or item drops and/or otherwise tell others that they should not use any of these things.

A warning will be given to those that violate this rule. If they continue, then they may be banned.

Sidenote: Even without having ownership, there is still a possible violating case where a player (A) would be violating S0#4 if they follow another player (B), where A follows B to try to take item drops or contents of a container encountered by B, kill B with traps or liquids, destroy structures built by B or otherwise ruin B’s experience.


  • Removed “WTF” from examples in S1#5 as here the F word is part of a normal reaction. This can be still punished if it is overused because that may be spam

  • If you break in /build an item that occupies multiple tiles will it count as breaking multiple tiles (e. g. you break 1 table, will it count as 6 broken tiles)?

  • Made Why is x banned in S5 to a table

  • To:

    Areas outside of those claimed as a house are owned by the server. The tiles, mobs, contents of containers and item drops can be taken by anyone, and no one can claim that they own the structure, terrain, mobs, contents of containers or item drops and/or otherwise tell others that they should not use any of these things.

    What is with farms built by one player? Can they be used by other players? (They are in places which are claimed by the server)

When deleting an unnecessary [/details] accidentally S2 and S3 got deleted out of the suggestion but it was reverted.
Update: Saw that the rule text suggestion about the Phase discussion readding rule disappeared with the revert, fixed that aswell


Maybe allow multiple accounts, as like long as it does not abuse DTP or XP/Credit farming? Would not want to explain why I have 2 accounts (aka my brother who doesn’t use his at all, which I explained to Big Russ a few months ago, he doesn’t use it but I might want to give him 2 credits so he can get crew on Mobile)


is this allowed if the politics are Dark Gaming related?


Do you mean the survival president thing? If you mean that then yes.


thank you :).

i think that someone should add more items to this list. im sure that there are more maybe


A few things to add:
Snake Charmer Flute (survival) (probably griefing, never got a clear answer)

Also maybe link to some banned items in pvp? Since the list is too long to reasonably keep this short.


Grouping the proposed rule changes as per below linked post, WIP

Group 1 is red stroken through
Group 2 is yellow
Group 3 is light blue

The third group will be soon made in different topics similar like Allow alt accounts, but with rules (rules reform).


I’ve written something similar before. The “Illegal Topics” rule is further expanded into Inappropriate Topics(NSFW, Obscene Content), certain forms of Harassment(Racism, Sexual Harassment), and Flooding. Any of the above leads to an immediate ban, the first two is treated at a higher severity, and harder to appeal


Also about the title of the caps rule: It should be “Caps” and not “Spam - Caps” to make it clearer that caps are not always a sub-type of spam.

The text “WHEN ARE WE GONNA BEAT THE MOON LORD” is itself not spam but that is caps. The text “ojernwgjopwenjvopbhweoehbfiouoeboigfbqewbhfoi” is not caps but spam.

So spam and caps are very different things.


Specifically I meant each as different suggestions. I did some changes towards removing outdated rules and moving / merging some others. But clarifying requires discussion and changing the meaning requires even more discussion. It’s better to discuss the specific changes individually so its easier to come to resolution.

The rules define caps as spam: