[Pending] Crescent Valley

#1 Location of Map

(713, 613)

#2 Builders

Aquatic Scourge, Haruno, u0a -iwnl-

#3 Unverified Rating


#4 Ownership

I do not permit someone else to take over ownership of my map and for it to be processed and setup without me if I am inactive or unavailable.

I permit unauthorised edits by administrators/managers.

#5 Breakdown

Universal (Same per Class) Weapons:
Weapon 1:
Golf Ball
Golf Club (Iron)
Golf Club (Putter)
Golf Club (Wedge)
Golf Club (Driver)

All for 100.

Universal (Same per Class) Accessories:

Accessory 1:
Guarding Brain of Confusion - 10k

Accessory 2:
Lucky Band of Regeneration - 5k

Accessory 3:
Destroyer Emblem - 15k

Accessory 4:

Hard Frozen Shield - 20k

Accessory 5 (Unlocked via Golf):
Amphibian Boots - 0

Universal (Same per Class) HP and Mana:

10 HP - 5k

10 Mana - 5k

Class: Gunslinger

Weapon 1:
Sluggish Undertaker, Musket Ball(75) - 0
Awful Musket - 4.5k

Sluggish Boomstick - 10k

Hasty Quad-Barrel Shotgun - 15k

Powerful Onyx Blaster - 50k
Deadly Xenopopper - 100k

Weapon 2:
Red Ryder - 1k
Sighted Handgun - 7.5k
Deadly Phoenix Blaster - 25k
Staunch Megashark - 75k

Ammo 1:
Crystal Bullet(200) - 2.5k

Fossil Set: 1k
Necro Set: 5k
Crystal Assassin Set: 15k
Hallowed Ranged Set (Full Warding): 50k

Class: Mage

Weapon 1:
Adept Amethyst Staff - 0
Masterful Thunder Zapper - 4.5k
Water Bolt - 10k
Adept Demon Scythe - 15k
Nasty Crystal Storm - 50k
Annoying Stellar Tune - 100k

Weapon 2:
Taboo Wand of Sparking - 1k
Adept Magic Missile - 7.5k
Flamelash - 25k
Mystic Rainbow Rod - 75k

Ammo 1:
Lesser Mana Potion(10) - 2.5k

Pumpkin Set: 1k
Jungle Set: 5k
Crystal Assassin Set: 15k
Hallowed Magic Set (Full Warding): 50k

Zombie Spawns: Left Cliff, Floating Island, Right Cliff, Left Cave, Left Bottom, Basement, and Right Bottom.

All players spawn in the bedroom of the house.


Completed means your map has already been put on Zombies, which I don’t suppose is true.
Also can you port your google docs breakdown to your post instead if it is actually finished.

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Oh okay I thought Completed meant the map was done on build, sorry!

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The breakdown is around 3-4 pages, so I don’t know if that would fit.

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The tags are marked by an administrator. No tag = submitted, the other tags are put by us to notify the OP and others of the status.
We have the entire rules on a post, it fits fine.

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Alright, just notify me on any updates then.

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Would you like me to try to copy and paste the completed document over onto the post?

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Also Aquatic, for Q1, you have to use /pos, not the actual coordinates that terraria gives you.

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Oh sorry, well since I can’t edit the text anymore, the location is (713, 613)

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The guidelines have been updated. can you re-edit your post to conform to the new guideleines so I know that you have read them.

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Should be updated to the new format now, tell me if anything is missing.

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