How to Verify (become Crew) [Step by Step]

why do someone people have banished or banned are they really banned?

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Hobbes post on threads that are the same topic as the question your asking.

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it wont let me link accounts

That’s a lot of detail. I know exactly what it is now…
How do you expect me to help you?

No problem yet, I just mixed up Terraria with Starbound.

Hmm the staff page dont work…

what if i want to do another character with the same steam account? cuz it won’t let me

I have a problem i cant login to steam to become a crew

I clicked the DTP at the top of the page and it only brigns me to my inventory, which I assume is intentional, but the pink message saying “Verify your account today!” on the home page is still displayed, which I doubt is intentional. Is this a known issue, just an oversight (highly unlikely), a bug of my side, or intentional?

The homepage isn’t really used that much. The “verify your account today” thing is static and will be there no matter what user views that page. For now there’s not really anything to be going there so it has remained as such.

another thing: the “Dashboard” and “Clan” tabs display the exact same page as the “inventory tab”

Yes; They’re placeholders. If a page is not found in the DTP it just takes you to your inventory. You can try any thing such as /dtp/asdasdsd and it will simply take your to your inventory. So why do they exist? those two pages will be important later on and it makes sure that the order of the links does not shift after said update.

one last one before I make my own thread about a different issue: does the profile “tag” next to the “[username]'s profile” in the profile page have anything to do with the in-game rank?

The “New Member” thing?


That’s a forum rank.

ok, and I’m not seeing any clear sign saying “Post a thread here” (or something like that) anywhere

forgt it, I found it

Go to a section, such as “Terraria Server” then its over the list of threads.

ok just signed up all sorted I hope

ive done all that and I still don’t have crew if I am mistaken if this is the way to get crew plz tell me