Either would seem to work sufficiently, I’m not too sure how you would pull this off, but it would be awesome if you did

Well so far I have made a fake player that follows your position with an S.D.M.G, and has the same hair, shirt etc color as you. The only thing I need to try and get is the armor to show.

Abilities now in testing

Spawns a Sentry with low-armor (almost 0), 1000 HP and a turret that deals 135 damage (subject to defense) which fires every 200ms. Sentry does not move. Lasts 20 seconds.
Credits to A68 for the vanity.

Spawns a Guardian with low-armor (almost 0), 1000 HP and a turret that deals 100 damage (subject to defense) which fires every 200ms. Guardian follows the owner around, but is not very fast.
Same vanity as before but has wings. Lasts 20 seconds.

Both are subject to change.

Abilities pending
Spawns a Seeker with med-armor (that of a typical ranger), 600 HP, a long-range turret that deals 240 damage which fires every 800ms, a med-range turret that deals 120 damage (subject to defense) which fires every 200ms and close-combat flamethrower that deals 85 damage (subject to defense). Seeker will track down enemies, avoid incoming projectiles (including dashing) and prioritise targets based on threat-detection.

how are you going to do the “Threat detection” so like based on the stats or highest KS.

Proximity, selected weapon, ks, velocity, direction of newest projectiles (are they trying to hit us?)+damage of newest projectiles, health, defense. Maybe others.

wow that’s a lot to program gl with it and it also sounds cool

Wow, that sounds amazing!

As the arena I’m working on right now is going to be huge and suited for big battles with a lot of people, I wonder if you could add a detector, that would alert you of nearest threats like incoming projectiles, enemy closing distance to you, stealth enemies, mines etc. Scan would be done few times a seconds, with static range (could be upgradable). When a threat is detected a projectile could be shot in the direction.

The ability would be toggled. Eventually it could drain mana if found too powerful during testing.

As I said, it would be more suited for bigger arenas, or when there’s more open spaces.

Newest Additions:

Zombie Survival:
[ul][li]Increasing amount of mobs per round as well as a progressively harder mob type(s)[/li]
[li]Score can be used to purchase weapons either from a normal chest, or from a magic box, which will grant a random item[/li]
[li]Inventory Space is regulated. If an item is detected that has not been purchased, it will be removed. (Ammo needs fixing)[/li]
[li]A different Boss that spawns every 5 rounds (not a real Terraria Boss, but a hard mob)[/li]
[li]Ability to revive other players by standing near where they died[/li][/ul]

[ul][li]When classes are used (and applied) the server tells the client SSC is on, so that if you lose connection while playing, it won’t overwrite your character[/li]
[li]Other minor fixes[/li][/ul]

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Zombie Survival:
[ul][li]Ammo and amounts are now regulated. It should not be possible to cheat anything into Zombie Survival without a modified client[/li][/ul]

To Fix:
[ul][li]People that are not apart of the lobby are still able to annoy people who are and battling in the arena, by using things like Star Fury. The area of which is not-accessible will be expanded if the lobby has the setting “protection” set to “extended”.[/li][li]Reviving sometimes is broken[/li]
[li]Ammo cannot be purchased unless you currently have none of said ammo in your inventory[/ul]