Allow teamed PVP matches in duel arenas

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Allow teaming if the persons teaming against eachother play in the duel arena so that they don’t interfere with the FFA PVPers. E. g. 3 players are red team and 3 other are green team. Then they can play against eachother in the duel arena.

#4 Teaming

PvP is, by default, a free-for-all. If you wish to play with different teams enabled, the players wanting to play in teams against each other must use the duel arenas (reachable via /warp duel, /warp duel2, /warp duel3 and /warp duel4) to not to interfere with the free-for-all players

Ha?! But we’ve done that a bunch of times way way way before. Not in Duel Gamemodes but in “/warp duel” arenas

We didn’t do it in FFA of course kek. And it’s already said in the rule, that everyone must agree to it. All 4 or 6 of us agreed to it, we did it in “/warp duel” arenas.

Sometimes it’s even a one man vs team

T’was the best and good 'ol times. Well some of them are banned or not showing up anymore though. I’m the only one left :pepehands:


Another idea:

Add a mode in PvP that automatically takes you to a teamed match, so that you don’t have to look for players to play with you.