[Accepted] ray x x's Ban Appeal - Griefing Ban (Regional Protection Confusion)


I did not break the rules knowingly, as I thought regional protection was on and that anything that was effected there would be reversed naturally, just like on the other servers.

I think the ban was fair.

I think you should unban me because the entirety of the griefing was on accident, and thought to be reversed, meaning I thought that all of the explosions had no consequence.

Early 1.4 is currently a confusing expierience for servers, because without tshock, people can easily exploit them.
I’m very sorry for the inconvenience I have caused, and hope my ban will be lifted someday.

  • Ray (ray x x)

Wait is this for every dimension? I might have griefed gamemodes a lot. My thought is that during the fixes, everybody had different dimensions for themselves, is this wrong? I might have severely greifed rift too.

I’ll let admins handle this now.

To response to you without making another reply @Ray , I think the mini dimensions are a thing for everybody, so after someone leaves it just regenerates the same thing that they griefed, but Build doesn’t have those lobbies assigned to everyone, it’s just one global lobby, and since there’s no TShock, you can easily grief it.

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I did fake grief in PvP and Rift knowing that when I rejoin it would be back to normal, so I thought it would be the same in the buildings, so I griefed it and actually didn’t go back to check and see if it was griefed, because I assumed it would look normal again.

This is a big problem for a lot of people I assume


Also, to answer your questions:
I am pretty sure that there are several mini lobbies for the Rift dimension, but not the other mega lobbies such as Items, PvP and PvE. But that isn’t a problem, as they would usually be reversed, but the buildings are somehow unprotected and i’m not quite sure why. I’m assuming that the people didn’t even put regional protection in the first place.
I’m hoping that all these problems like ban spikes will be sorted out soon, because 1.4 isn’t really fun anymore since i’m banned on the only popular server that supports 1.4.


Build has some protective regions and the ability to rollback grief with the history plugin but it is rarely griefed due to the requirement of crew in order to do anything outside the sandbox. Surface is left mostly unprotected so anyone can add their teleporters there. Not sure why you would still think it was protected if destroying the tiles actually dropped items or that the purpose of the dimension is for free building.
Dimensions such as rift, items, gamemodes, and specialitems are tsl servers (terraria server lite) that have just enough functionality for players to join and do some things on like getting free items or for use as a hub server. It just repeatedly resends a small chunk of a world schematic file and simply cannot be edited ingame. Build is a tshock server with less protection than most servers as the requirement of crew drastically reduces the number of bad actors, as most don’t have the effort to verify or don’t actually own the game.

Can you recite to me what griefing is in the rules?

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Although, yes, it would be common sense to think that of the rules, I still thought that it would be the same as other dimensions.
Keep in mind that I have only just started playing after a couple of years because of 1.4 and this ban is kinda keeping the excitement low.
I may have broken lots of griefing rules, but not in that I knew of it. I would say it’s “accidental” but it was just general confusion.


Appeal Accepted,