Sometimes when i decide to play zombies with my friends the game lags seriously bad. I have a good internet connection and my memory is mostly empty what’s going on?

List of things that has happened to me during lag:
1 When i die, the game doesn’t register the death and puts me in the lobby without any death message
2 Shots that seemed like it hit actually didn’t hit (Zombies regenerate the health lost)
3. My character being teleported around the spawn or revival points after revival in different intevals (This is what’s REALLY bugging me)
4. When right clicking chests, they take a long time to process the purchase (and the item drops on the ground near the chest after purchase, since it takes a long time im not there anymore.)
5. Enemies damage me and specifically me. (whilst targeting other players who on my screen are invulnerable )
6. When typing in chat my messages are 5-10 minutes behind (not instant sending)
7. Cannot use abilities (dual wield extra shots are delayed, cant deploy sentries, cant use shaman health upgrades, laggy barrage, etc)
8. Random teleporting enemies.

Is there any way to resolve this issue? i believe this is outside of my control. i also want to ask why the game teleports me randomly to one spot during revival. (and when using gravity globe)

This issue is SPECIFICALLY in the zombies gamemode. other gamemodes can be played with little to no lag using my setup (PvP, PvE, etc)

Thanks in advance for the help. i’ve been having this issue for a while…


I don’t think you can do anything about this, and it’s probably a connectivity issue specifically relating to the zombies server. Your issue is probably derived from how and where the zombies server is hosted I think.

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well thats a problem in it of itself. i played another server and they have litte lag even on a lag server