Zombies Survival

Can I know all commands in this modes?


/vote for voting map
/Ahelp help for ability
/j z n make new lobby
j z -hc make new lobby with hardcore mode
j z -r make new lobby but enemies spawn endless until lag
/leave leave lobby


Type /ability to get a list of abilities. Put the name of the ability next to the command to get the ability.
Ex: /ability shaman

Same with /ahelp.
Ex: /ahelp shaman

There’s also /shelp, which is for getting info about the sentries in the sentry ability.
Ex: /shelp nade

There’s an uncommon bug where you stay in intermission and aren’t able to play. Type /lobby descape to fix that.

Type /lobby upall to enable upall, type it in again to disable it.
Upall makes you buy all the upgrades you can afford whenever you open a chest. You can use upall to quickly upgrade or rebuy stuff or fix the bug where you get stoned whenever you use mana if you have >400 mana.

Type /inl to view the current active lobbies while in Gamemodes.

Type /lobby ts [player name] [amount] to transfer points to someone else.
Ex: /lobby ts 0re0 46290


I type / j z n and its says unlocked all items, but not create the lobby, please help.


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