Yeah... I've Been Gone... Here's Why

Okay… I have been missing for about a month mysteriously, with only a few brief messages on Discord about a day before my contact disappeared.

This topic is basically why, possible future outcomes, and a few final remarks.

First off, my iPad was taken from me by my parents, who thought you guys were a ‘bad influence’ and were essentially worried that contact with strangers online was bad. Therefore, contact via this device (my little brother’s kindle) will be sporadic at best.

That’s why. I will be able to resume full contact at August 17, due to access to internet at school. I may resume earlier, as I plan to work out a truce with my parents on July 30th.

@popstarfreas , I ask to put my staff appeal on hold until more stable connection is achieved.

Thanks for not forgetting me… Or maybe you have, idk