XxSlayerxX's Inactivity

Sorry if I can’t get on everyday! I’m just cluttered with a lot of geometry and American History projects! So yea, not easy being honors. Anyways I won’t be able to come on this week due to the load of HW… Yeaa I hope you guys are flexible about this and I hope I can get on soon! :o

Twit is there 2 slayers. I’m so confused. XxSlayerxXx is XxSlayerxX on the server so who are you.

Ok first of all, XxSlayerxXx (on the thread) is my normal account then I have this account which is on my phone. I made this account because I don’t want to spend about 15 minutes starting my computer to check the forums. I am the same person, just different profile. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not just login to your other account on your phone? That’s what I did.

Awww HW iz terrible :frowning: I would say have fun buuuttt… HW ain’t no fun x3. Well, try and haz fun anyway :slight_smile: come back soon bro (in other words, hurry up and finish it in a much kinder way)

Yea boi imm gonna zooom past dis. 50 points yolo