Xoma report

Xoma is spamming and using caps i gave he/she 3 warnings and wont listen i have screenshots http://imgur.com/YtUOnPe,z7XWFfK,0h895wA,GbMcwme,j2ecBxp#0
Please reply with your thoughts if he should be banned or not thank you

true true she is spamming >: (

yea xoma wasnt listening to us at all when we told he\she to stop spamming.

3 aproovers

Next time when you take screenshots from games on Steam, get the full screen for us to see, so we can know if you haven’t
uploaded it several times for each picture. But I can see abit that you moved around your island, so Im sure you didnt uploaded each picture several times. I’d go for it.

well im used to using the program i have called LightShot and that you can edit and change the size of the screenshots

I didn’t see any shots of you telling them not to use caps/spam, so for all we know, you could have been saying “Use caps, people will pay attention”. :smiley:

we didnt i didnt get pics of the no caps/spam bits i forgot 2