Wont be on the sever for a while

              Sorry but, I lament to say i will not be on the sever for another 5 months. You have every right to say: John? why cant you come on the sever for 5 months, that is an outrage!! Well it does have an explanation. You see, I don't have an ordinary family, they say i will have to quit Terraria until i come back from the cruise. Even as i am typing this i am in the Philippines having a good old time. So, basically, farewell friends and ill see you in five months. Of course ill still be on the website, if you have any questions.

                                                                                                                       Stay Epic!!! 

:frowning: U will be missed johnpetey hope you have fun

Enjoy yourself while out there!
I’ve never left Canada in my life :c (apiary from just going to North Dakota for the 4th of July) but it’s usually so close that there isnt any difference.

Hope you have an awesome time on the cruise! (Mental note: do NOT fall overboard! lol)