(Withdrawn) Glasia's prematurely ban appeal (will be put in the ban appeal category if I really get banned in the next time)

(Topic was deleted.)


This whole post is excessive and somewhat unneeded Glasia. If you get banned, you make a ban appeal, if you are not banned then just leave the topic be, a thread like this is normally not allowed to be responded to but as this is not a proper ban appeal it invites others into the discussion where it shouldn’t.

Just as you often reported behavior that was under suspicion, which is generally fine, Kishou reported your behavior for similar reasons - the thread is not a dispute thread, nor is this one, we do not need to know the reasoning behind every decision you have made, just that the decisions were made.
Please look for ways to improve your methods, rather than defending your past methods both good or bad, this will both help you learn and improve your image as it will help others to grow to show more respect, albeit there should already be a decent level of respect shown on our services…

If you’re ever unsure if something is breaking the rules, PLEASE CONTACT STAFF.
We are here for a reason, and it’s to enforce the rules, so we ought to be able to come to a conclusion about what is being asked.
If someone is breaking rules repeatedly, screenshot the evidence, PLEASE CONTACT STAFF.
Making reports serves as a method to contact staff about rule-breaking behavior, or similar that needs staff attention should nobody be available in the moment, but it is not always needed. Sometimes a staff member will be available to handle it immediately.

As a member of the community that is not currently a staff member, enforcing the rules is not something you can or should do, as I’ve verbally warned you before on the Discord. Notifying other members of rules and similar in the moment is helpful, it helps people learn and move forwards.
Enforcing the rules is not something you are given the physical power to do as you lack the appropriate permissions and information about how we enforce rules, as such, should someone ignore the rules PLEASE CONTACT STAFF.

Generally, most of the staff members have their DMs open, or can be contacted through the forums, or phase, PLEASE ask questions if you are unsure about specifications of the rules, or what action needs to be taken.


So I understood if I am not sure to report in #report-a-player , I should DM staff here.