Wire Grief?

So recently on the server we had an incident of lots of unused wires getting in the way of building/playing. I investigated further and realized how much of these wires existed and how little they were used.

The most recent photos of wires document the offense: http://steamcommunity.com/id/789987ho/screenshots

I have not taken any action but I have posted this for discussion and possible future actions.

If you’re talking about 87Calories, that was my fault. I said he could join 2 teleporters. (He might have done something else that I didn’t agree on though.)

He messed up multiple other people’s wire systems and made large clusters and lines of useless/unused wires

Might I also suggest keeping an eye on sammy? He seems to have very keen eyes for destroying wires.

Lol Warsong. Oh well I told him he could join 2 teleporters so obviously he didn’t do that. xD

Gosh Swaggy can’t you use BBCode? xD