Which are you?

More or less to lessen the whole tension building up here IF ANY, Im just curious…Out of EVERYONE in the “ace attorney” series which character are you? Please consider all the personality-actions- and even appearance if you must.

My only condition? Do not use something some one else has picked ; Happy hunting everyone. I hope I see some interesting answers.

Anyways, I think everyone will enjoy this and I really would like to see atleast 6 people participate. Who knows what possibilities would emerge forth if there was an even higher number? Only one way to tell.

Trucy Wright

Interesting? Any particular reason why you would choose such a character? I don’t ask for extreme clarification its just now you have my interest.

Trucy Wright (née Trucy Enigmar) is a professional stage magician at the Wright Anything Agency who has also served as an investigative partner for the lawyers in the agency

Both magic (though it does not exist) and law is what I in particular are interested in.

Any deeper reason? Such as personality and character background?

And we’re still talking about the same trucy?

Takes out a picture

Yes, that Trucy. No deeper reason besides that, though, it does sort of look like me.

I would likely say I would be this guy, although I have spread out personalities throughout the list: Magnifi Gramarye
I am choosing him, because he has the ability to sense when others are tense or lying. I have that sort of personality that needs to know if something is the truth or not, so I deeply study someone and their expressions and how they are talking.

Although he does not look like me, our personalities seem to match.

Hm? Interesting. Any more?

C’mon more people to participate!

this is me

I am potate.

This is me

What in the…?!

I thought it was quite obvious I was asking about ace attorney characters ; Not persona or naruto. Still, if anything came into case and point I could simply retaliate with a plethora of anime characters that mimic my attributes HOWEVER, that’s a story for another day. Please provide more ace attorney characters instead of outlying factors. Also, please do not use diseases like potate as a likeness,affinity,etc.


how do you get the pic up D:

The format? Oh its quite simple.
“[notag][/notag]” Remove the quotations for the action to be used.

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    Edited it with notag. Just cleaner and better for anyone who’s reading this.

I am a pie ha ha ha and a sheep and a deagonslayer slayer ha ha ha ha ha


Get used to it I am a randow pie sometimes

Still, As far as I know there is no talking pie in ace attorney ; I clarified only AA characters.

Ph wait lets gp back pn topic then