When do i get my first crate?

I just got access to the trading system and i now got 16 dark points, and im level 1! do you get crates by leveling up or some other way? plz and thx.


There is 2 ways,

You can vote trought the [Terraria Servers]
(Vote for Dark Gaming) page once per day, just put your username of yoir character that is registered (Or login in steam) and you will recieve one loot box and 0.05 credits

The other way is leveling up, but that is pretty random, so the most viable option is the first one

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  • 16 DP isn’t much. I recommend you get at least 100 DP or more.
  • DP drains over time.
  • Once all your DP is depleted, you lose Exp Eff.
  • You must have more than 0% Exp Eff to earn Exp.
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