Website voting glitch

Im currently unable to vote and I do not know why. I have never before been able to vote and I simply assumed that voting was removed. Im adding a picture for clarification.

Please solve this issue as soon as possible


How to Fix Error 1020: Access Denied.

Error 1020 means that your visit somehow violates the firewall of CloudFare.

Contact the voting site admin with the screenshot and Ray ID. The link is here: Help for, the Terraria server list


Do you have another browser? Especially Chrome/Firefox/Edge(or even IE). Does it work behind a VPN(ProtonVPN, AdguardVPN, Opera VPN, and so on)?


I have tried opening it in brave, google and opera but none of it works

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Im also not using any sort of vpn

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When I click on the site you have linked to, the same error pops up and I am unable to acess it

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I mean, have you tried using one?


Thank you Tejdxa. Using the opera vpn actually worked.

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