Weapon hacked?

Some weapons in pvp normally do their damage, or so it says, I saw people with copper shortsword and did 100 dmg? How is this possible, did they hack or was weapons modded to be this way?


PvP on Dark Gaming is modified and not vanilla in order to provide a more balanced experience overall by buffing less desirable tools and weapons to be viable in ways such as damage and projectile velocity increases, and nerfing or outright banning weapons and such that would, in vanilla, be very strong and/or overpowered for a competitive experience. Copper Shortsword is one such changed option.

Copper Shortsword’s base damage in Dark Gaming PvP is 95, and without a damage cap, it can potentially hit extremely hard, but its short range also make it very high risk to use. Weapons and other things can be checked via the PvP Manager website, which can display stats regarding most if not all weapons as well as other settings such as banned equipment.


thanks sm.


A powerful dagger