Warp setting for all crew in build

Make so that if you are crew you can create 1 warp in build dim per day to quickly get to a build back

Or alternatively allow /tppos (x) (y) for all crew to tp to buildings. If they grief its a ban anyways.

Rather than that, may be better to re activate /myhome and /sethome ,becuase that was in a nutshell,The only different thing was that it was private, Aside from that i think its better than warp creating


it is activated, it just doesn’t save when you leave


It’s probably easier to set

"RememberLeavePos": false,

to true in the build config than implementing a way to limit the daily usage of a command, on top of implementing a way to restrict that permission to build only. I suppose the only downside to that is not having multiple warps, if you suggestion planned to allow that anyways.

I will say that I am not entirely sure how that config option interacts with a multi-dimension server however, so it may not be easier at all.