Voting for Guests

Voting Rights for Guests

So what if guests could vote?

Description :

Guests could basically share their opinion with the click of a button instead of the click of 10 buttons.

Reason :

Most people who visit the forums are Dark Gaming players with a ban appeal, however some could be directed by people or signs. Those are the people who don’t really make an account, but instead view the forums to see what’s new (if they don’t have discord). They have experienced the DG server and have a nice knowledge with what’s on Dark Gaming. If they could vote without needing to make an account (most people just like to chill and not make accounts) then there would be way more votes. The reason why we need votes is because I like votes more people could share their opinion easily and then we’d have more votes so there would be more accurate voting on suggestions. The devs could prioritize suggestions even faster than before.