Varien Left

Hey there,
I’d just like to make this a short and snappy thread for the people who are interested.

A player by the name of “Varien” (some of you may know him) has decided to leave Dark-Gaming. This is because he believes that some staff members have got a strong feeling against him. (not in a good way) The steam chat we had is here:

(the person who called him a f*cktard is Avery apparently, and TheDeadImmortal is Varien.)
This is not a way of me complaining about the staff on DG, its just a request from Varien for everyone to see. I know many people (including myself) were good friends with Vari, and that he shouldn’t leave because of such a stupid reason. If you support Varien and wish him to come back, just type in #supportvari
Thanks for reading, and sorry for wasting anyone’s time.

#supportvari .

Avery’s not really one to bother you endlessly from what I know.
There’ve been a number of times where he’ll bother me and I’ll literally just say “stfu” and he’ll stop. It sounds to me like Varien is kind of being a suck up.
If Avery won’t leave you alone on the server then he can just pm one of the higher ups or some other staff member (Rofle, Box, Myself,) about it and the situation will be settled by them. If it’s on something like steam, then Varien can just remove avery entirely.
I see no issue here.
If some random person from the internet calls you a fucktard and you get offended, you’re probably the one to blame for being offended, as there’s nothing to take offense about…

In regards to me calling him a “fucktard,” this sounds questionable in my opinion. It doesn’t sound like something I would ever say. Now “idiot” on the other hand, is a slight insult I deal quite often when pushed.

Now, I’ve never harassed Varien. Our conversation was mainly limited to “hey” and “bye” and that’s practically it, excluding the times he’d break a rule, get warned then argue over the validity of the rule.

I did notice Varien always came with an “everyone hates me” attitude, and he even mentioned it on Steam a few times. Perhaps it’s that mindset mixed with an inability to accept any opinion but his own that caused him to blame his problems on imaginary situations revolving around myself, rather than accepting the truth of the matter.

I don’t, nor ever did hate Varien. He was quite enjoyable before the time nearing his departure.

Sorry if this sounds harsh/mean or something, I’m exhausted from a long day. Might edit it later if I feel the need.

I couldn’t believe it at first either, it just wouldn’t make sense for Avery to use profanity against a DG member, Steam chat or not. When I told him people want him back, he just said “Yeah right”. I don’t really know if this is true or not, I mean, Varien is one of my best friends and Avery is too, it just seems… weird.
But if Vari thinks that some of the staff members are being “Dbags” to him, then he should talk to another Staff member about the situation. I’ll give him the link to this thread and he can reply if he wishes.

Didn’t know staves do that… -.-

Varien has been engaged and will get married soon, so best of luck for him. I talked to him a little more, and he had that “ofc ave would say that” attitude. He needs to take his mind off things for his wedding, so I wont bother him about this subject anymore. If you have and questions, just PM him on Steam.

Say to Varien that I wish him luck with his wedding! :smiley:

I thought he was yonger…

I will.