Vanity in the Zombies Gamemode

Players should have a “Familiar Looking” vanity set when getting a class or even when joining Zombies. I customize my character’s clothes to my liking when I make the character, only to have them covered up by the Fisherman’s set, and the only vanity I get is what is provided by the map creator. If the set was put into players’ inventory they would have the option to put on the vanity over their armor, and I personally would like to have that choice available.

some maps want for you to look exactly how it is given. If you dont like

just dont wear it. Some maps have familiar looking, and you can ask whether map creators want to add that to their maps


And while that is a valid point, I then lose the defense granted by the armor set. I don’t want it to be forced upon map makers to do this, I just wanted to get that idea out in hopes maybe someone will see it.

  1. Maybe loss of defence is intended by map creator
  2. Simply switch armor in vanity slots before choosing class, and then switch back