V1, V2 and V3

Alright so. If I do manage to re-create V1 and V2 and people “like” them (ish). Then, the world could be preset with each at a different location. V1 far left near the sea, V2 in the middle and V3 to the far right near the sea. Each day or two, the /spawn could be set to the next V so that new people join in a different area and people who don’t explore do as well. Each Ultimate Spawn V did in-fact have a Boss-Arena, a PvP Arena and a Shop. V1’s shop was out of sight.

Furthermore, this means that functionally, they are all the same, but cosmetically they are different. This would add variety to the server without generating a new world (until the surface and other places are filled completely). V2 did in-fact have something called “The Dark Estate”. It was for those who wanted a small home next to others that was auto-protected. The only problem I ever had with it was the fact that it was a little off to the right from most things.

In order of size:

The only major difference was the fact that V1 was built underground. It was never meant to be connected to the surface. This could be changed however.

I’ll be re-creating parts of V1 and V2 over at
/warp USV1
/warp USV2

Ultimately, I will paste them in from the actual worlds I still have somewhere and then convert the bricks and add paint where needed.
So; what do you think?

I think that this is a great idea. It offers a lot of variety for new and old players on the server and overall it’s nice to have a bit of change. :slight_smile:

This is the kind of spark that we need! Great job!

EDIT: I love this idea, it will give not only the veterans but more of the elderly players a chance to bring back distant memories.
It also gives me the oppotunity to have my old home back at spawn which i really liked :stuck_out_tongue: (R.I.P Da_Ception) ;.;
I was also wondering that players could choose which spawn they liked best and spawn there hue hue hue…
As far as rebuilding (if you need!) i dont mind helping. :slight_smile:
PS: Hope this dosnt take long.
PPS: I really want the new world ;_;
PPPS: This is a good idea.
PPPPS: Rofl is a cheese and tip is is potate c:

Lol Connor. I think dis is a great idea xD New spawn(s) wood be really nice :smiley:

This idea… needs… to be added… right now!