Using CMD's

So I have been on for a while and I know how to use DTP, but a recent change (or maybe just me) has stopped me from using multiple cmds (even though they have been in my special and are in my inventory) and the cmd /selfname and some others (saying I do not have permission). So anyways I just like to ask is this a new change? Or is it just me?

The Equip Slots represent what you currently have equipped. If you do not have a Cmd Item equipped, you cannot use it. Just the same as Titles, Tags and Colors. To use more than one Cmd, you must expand your Special Slots; which has not been added as an Upgrade because it was previously useless as a bug allowed for multiple Cmds to be permitted with only a single slot.

Oh ok. That makes more sense, but however I cannot use /selfname when it is equipped. Not sure why though. >~< (Also sorry for being a fuss :p)

Don’t mods get more than 1 command slot? I still only have 1 as of this moment, or are you fixing that?