Using Buildmode in PVP

So I feel like using buildmode, or invincibility, in PVP for the purpose of ranking up is absolutely terrible. I found this one dude Dr Tommy doing it in the public pvp arena, and it was terrible. For the whole time that dude was there, nobody wanted to PVP. He claims it isnt against the rules, and he is probably right.

Should using invincibility in PVP be forbidden?

Well, no.
Using BUILDMODE isn’t allowed at all-while pvping, and I think that
its also written in the Server’s rules.

Ehm, that’s not the case punisher. I voiced the problem with build mode to Rofle and he said that it isn’t permitted at all. I asked him if I could use it while building if I do not attack back. ( never got a response ) so basically, yes build mode and PvP is against the rules and will be dealt with harshly

Wait nvm I red your comment wrong

Using buildmode in pvp is against the rules. Dr Tommy is wrong. Were there any staff on at the time?

Someone posting here was also using buildmode in pvp I do not know if he still uses it now >_>
But he was using it in pvp :v
It’s not me. I don’t even know how to use both of them together.

dude i just found out yesterday i was not allowed to use build mode for pvp so not my fault i didn’t even know
and now i cant use buildmode for building what the hell wasn’t my fault i didn’t now it was against the rules.
So I say im sorry about this, this wont happen again please let me use my buildmode for building only not for pvp

General120, “I didn’t know it was against the rules” is the most pathetic excuse you could have. There are rules, read them and do not tell me that have not - you must.

If you really have not read the rules all this time since you’ve been here, then this was bound to happen and I’m glad it has. Now go and read the rules and stop complaining that you’re so ignorant of them.

And even if you didn’t know it’s against the rules… buildmode

…How can you not know you can’t use it its basically godmode…

Well, some of us thinks you’re just making up an excuse…

General, you know that using buildmode in pvp is against the rules. You were a Helper, that means you should know ALL of the rules.

I mean, who wouldn’t know it wasn’t against the rules…