Uppoint(s) to DP Suggestion

Well…I’m not Really good at making threads,and I’m also not good in speaking English (Please if you see any mistakes or wrong grammar pls change it.)

Well…You see there are some Old Players that have many uppoints that they cant use(because they cant upgrade their TS inventory anymore)
Just like me…I cant use Uppoints to upgrade my TS inventory, because Avery said “You will have to upgrade it with Credits”, well some players can upgrade with their credits,well some players does not have any USD so they cant buy some.I still Have 10 Uppoints and I dont know how to use/put it to good use.

For Example:

1 Uppoint=2,500 DP

2 Uppoints= 4,000 DP

3 Uppoints= 5,000 DP

4 Uppoints= 6,000 DP

5 Uppoints= 7,000 DP

6 Uppoints= 8,000 DP

7 Uppoints=9,000 DP

8 Uppoints= 10,000 DP

9 Uppoints=11,00 DP

10 Uppoints= 12,000 DP

Well…if there are players with 10 Uppoints or more,That is up to you,Well if you are planning to repair or change the Upgardes section,just Reject my Suggestion, And I’m still cool if you reject my suggestion.

Reminder: This Is Just a Suggestion.

I have every upgrade maxed out completely. and 18 extra upgrade points. There’s nothing I can currently do with them. I can’t give them away or anything, I like this idea. It’ll give a use to upgrade points after you reach the level where they’re useless. I do however think that they should be worth more, it takes me around 5 million xp to level up once, 5 times just for 2,500 DP seems a little absurd. You’d have to be a higher level to max out on upgrades and by then leveling up is fairly difficult, I would put the price of an upgrade point more around 10,000-50,000 DP.