[Update] Applications & You

Now with the statistics plugin, it is possible to see how long you have been on the server (well, I could do that before, but its neatly inside a table) as well as how much time you have spent on it. In the near future, creating threads in this section will be very different for non-Admins.

Instead of the traditional create-a-thread form, you will be presented with an appropriate form (or form selection) for applying, with questions built-in and formatting automatically applied after creation. The links to the forms and the ability to use them will be disabled for anyone who has not merged a Terraria account (and verified) or does not have sufficient play-time and time since joining. The requirement of being above a “New Member” for applying will be removed. There will also be many more things coming with the DTP for tracking you progress as a staff-member and seeing what you need to unlock the next step in the staff process.

Stay tuned.

I think this might be a good idea, somewhat.

where do you make a application?

I already told you.

This is for the future right?

This needs to be sticky so everyone can see it

How do I become a helper. Because I wan to be one.