unbanned me pls

Q1 dark-gaming/ban/510 Q2 no Q3 no because i just flying around with my new wing to have fun Q4 because i need some stuff there and i want to play pvp and pve there

And what about bits of organization as asked?
quotation of yolo-“because its devs armor and we warn you like a hudred times and you didnt took them off”,
its also applicable on this topic, although you were warned while the rules say that you even not
deserved for any warnings, and lets not even talk about the automatic transmission on the server-
saying you must not use any Dev’s patch.
Popstarfreas will check it when he will get on, so wait for him for a while.

You clearly knew what you were doing. The fact that even after someone had told me in the chat you were wearing developer wings you still consider showing them off. You’ve modified your client which is against the rules and I see no reason to believe you will restore your vanilla client.

i never see the chat so… im sorry for using dev armor i will not use it again
i sorry for using dev armor i will not use it again

How can I believe you won’t keep using them? You proclaim you were using them for fun and that you’ve only just started; it seems to me that you’re looking to use them some more from that information.

no matter what the case is, when you’re back in the server (if you ever go back) keep an eye on the chat, it contains more than useful information.