can someone unban me i am very sorry about taking the blocks of people’s inventions i didnt know. i hope you forgive me, and it has been a week so can i become a helper i have helped lots of people find stuff

  1. Please make a ban appeal using the format.
  2. To become a helper you have to be unbanned and you have to actually apply with this format
  3. I am the one that banned you, once you make a ban appeal and I have read it, I will make my decision.
  4. Please don’t post two, and next time, please edit your thread by hovering your cursor over your post. (You will find an “Edit” button.
  5. Lastly, please put some effort in your ban appeal.

Good luck. ^-^

ok i made one so can you look at it

Frojo you have to use the format. I’m not going to even consider this if you do not adjust this so it uses the correct format. I have given a link to said format in my previous comment. Just click “format”.

ok i am working on it now

i just finnished my thing can u read it