unban me pls!

(1)why were you banned it sayed greif
(2)when were you banned about 5-4 hrs ago
(3)how long have you been banned 6-hrs
(5)unknown either BoB or legoman
(6)i think it was unfair because i let my sister use it i didnt know she was a griefer
(7)because ive made an i love darkgaming sign and i wanna go to it and always remember i built it and i dont want my dreams to become crushed

I banned you, there were several areas that I had to rollback and some users claim to have seen you coming back from that area saying “trololol”

I’d also like to note to you jacobtheboss, that you are not seen as a person but an account. It is up to the Owner of the account (you) to make sure it is only used by you or those trusted. Someone else using your account is not an excuse for any actions against the rules.

i say trololol all the time for no reason i didnt do anything

im gonna record a vid about this and i trust my sister so why am i getting banned

i shouldve known this server was TOO good to be true

but i said it was too good on my vid so can i get back in

You’re actions are held against your account. If you wanted your sister to play, then you should have done the smart thing, and let her register her own account.

what r u a lawyer for the server my sister loves playing on mine beause ive got alot of stuff

I am the Owner of the server. It appears to me that you have no regret for your actions and you simply mock us. Therefore I deny this application on behalf of Unarmedbox.

A final note:
If you do however have regret for your actions and are willing to accept the actions put onto your account for breaking our rules, then simply PM Me. Abuse of the PM system will result in a complete Banished status.

Edit: Acknowledgement of breaking rules received on my end. A statement is required here for further discussion.

i acknowledge my violation of the “No Griefing” rule and I promise to never violate it again".

alot of ppl use the excuse “my sibling did it” if u r gonna let them play ur computer make sure that, # 1 they know the rules and might get banned if disobey them,#2 make sure they have their own account and don’t know ur password.

actually the password doesn’t really matter because you never have to login unless you only just registered. but so many people get banned for griefing then say “It was my brother” or “It was my sister”

my point exactly

I also noticed a lot of medium sized griefs by you and was going to ban you until I noticed box had already done it. Whatever box had noticed was only the tip of the iceberg.