Unable to access any dimensions

If you are unable to access any dimensions, with the reason being this thread, then it is likely that you are:

  • Using a VPN
  • Using a proxy
  • Connecting from a server
  • Connecting using an IP that has been tagged as problematic
  • or Connecting from an IP that has been incorrectly tagged as one of the above

How to fix the problem

I’m not using a VPN/Proxy/Server

Create a forum account, login, and then click here contact us at the blacklist helpdesk.

Please follow the template and do not change the title.

I need to use a VPN/Proxy/Server

You can still contact us at the blacklist helpdesk but if other users of the server use the same vpn/proxy/server and get banned, the IP itself will be banned and will remain inaccessible until successfully appealed.

How long does it take to get a response?

The helpdesk is run by one staff member (@popstarfreas) along with an automation. As that person is responsible for many other time-consuming tasks on the server, you should make sure you follow the template that is given to you using the above link exactly. Note that the brackets in the format are optional. Any requests that don’t follow the template will either end up closed or unanswered.

If there are simply too many requests piling up, they will be filtered according to:

  1. Whether the user is a known community member
  2. Whether the user has an avatar
  3. Whether the user has logged in to their forum account recently

This helps us prioritise users likely to be active members of the server.

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