Um help please

Hi, it’s Terrariabutterfly here

I came on to find that i was banned from the main and survival server.
It came up with : You are banned forever:
I found out why i was banned - I accidently flooded a hellevator on the survival server.
But I deeply regret my mistake; I am so sorry! Please un-ban me!
Also, is there anyway I can make up for the mistake??

Hi TB, this is TestCharacter.
I appreciate the apology and support this unban request (although you may have to follow the specific format).

Sorry, I’m just rather paranoid about people griefing that hellevator, since all it would take for someone to flood it with water or lava would be to mine 1-2 blocks (and it’s too big to protect).

Sorry, again. I understand how frustrating it is when ppl do this.What is the format? this is my 1st time making a unban request.

Here is the ban format. You were banned by me, not for flooding hell but for griefing 22 blocks. You can see when you were banned, by who and why at your ban link.
Please edit this appeal using the correct format and I will decide on whether or not I should unban you.
Good luck.

Ok, i made a new, better ban appeal. Go to that one it is called : Terrariabutterfly’s Ban Appeal