Um, goodbye

I assume you have noticed even more inactivity from me. This is because Ive been looking around for affordable RAM for my pc. No luck so far.
I also assume that you sometimes see me randomly disconnect without warning. This is because I keep getting OutOfMemoryException crashes when on multiplayer.
I cant really play like this. It also makes my computer frustratingly slow, with the average 8 FPS I get each session.
So, until I find some affordable RAM that is not in 512 megabytes per order or something stupid like that you dont have to expect much more activity from me.


PS: Before I go, I want to suggest one thing: There should be some kind of preview button when making a post/thread. This could already on the todo but Ill say it anyway.

Awww :frowning:

:frowning: good luck to ya m8

The reason there is no preview button is because there’s not really a lot yet done for threads.

I know how you feel playing Terraria at 10 - 30fps isnt very helful

Yes, I can definitely relate to that as well.