Uhhh EBM thread

… heres a suggestion. why dont you tell ebm to just cut the nonsense and just leave already. i’ve had enough with him delaying it, then me saying “good bye” then him saying “thanks angel. now im gunna leave now” but never does. also, hes friends with everyone on dg on steam so hes technically not leaving completely… yeah, its not my fault. it never has been. stop blindingly accusing me of something that a) i didnt do, and b) doesnt matter anyway. seriously. GET OVER IT AND LEAVE ALREADY!!!

dis nigga mad
and the admins be jelly of how dope I is

It seems as if he left already. Have you ever thought of that?

Also I think you guys were too late. This was from EpicBossMan’s steam profile

well, he 1, probably didn’t delete it, 2, i dont really care anyway, and 3, its good that he left.

  1. I did really delete it. 2. Dark Gaming is boring and that’s why I left and also due to the members and players being jerks with me. 3. I’m glad I left because it would affect my life more if I didn’t leave.

well thats goo… wait, you still haven’t left yet? are you lazy? are you conducting a test to see who hates you and who doesn’t, only to realise that im the 1 and only person who hates you, and thats because you hate me?

I already left but I MAY still be on the forums at random times

by “random” do you mean everyday?

But if you really want me to leave, I will.

i dont want you to leave. its just if you do, dont make it a HUGE deal like you are now, as if you are the server owner and are leaving and ending the server.

Oh well. I’m serious about everything. So, I am leaving to make everyone happy. Bye.

you do realise that leaving would do the opposite of making everyone happy? so, cya anyway, i dont care, but others do.

It seems everyone is happy that he left. He might be telling the truth.

he didn’t leave though… and nobody has gotten happier or sadder… so…

We’ll never know, though.

umm… 1). we do know, and 2). you make no sense

Oh, will you guys just quit fussing around with this? Leave, or don’t leave. It’s always good to have active members both on the server, and the website. But do what you want, EBM, and do it now.