Twofoursixeight's Discord Ban Appeal

[Q1] Provide the Ban link or if none, the reason
I was banned from the Dark Gaming Discord for “continued harassment of other users” - continued through here when doing elsewhere. ID is 909143747651043358.

[Q2] Did you break the rules knowingly?
I broke the rules knowingly because of the fact that I was doing this to gain attention. I have broken the following rules, this will be quoted in step 2 of this appeal:

Discord Rule number 1 when referring to Discord rules.

At the start of this situation, I was being weird in VCs on Terraria Discord.
Then, I proceeded to go further into this rabbit hole, when the user mentioned “transgender”, I did not think on what I was typing. This caused me to get Banned from the Terraria official discord.
Than, my stalking behavior got into the situation. I figured out mutual users. This meant that I could spam-ping the user. This was harrasment.

What should I have done instead?

[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason.
Yes, It was fair. Continuous harassment of other users is not tolerated anywhere, regardless of what you are doing. I understand that this can make other users feel uncomfortable. I was initially given
the 12-hour mute, but I know that it was barely comparable to the ban. By being given the mute, I have started a conversation with Glasia - @GlasiaVD23 and figured out that being creepy and discrimitory results in instant bans if done on this server.

[Q4] Why should we unban you? (from the discord)
I would like to be unbanned because I like to talk to people on the Discord. I am a regular member of this server and love this server overall. I talk on the Discord of this server more frequently than other small servers. By being a regular member of this server, I was also supporting it via Nitro Boosting.

The replies on the appeal are hidden in order to protect proivacy


Normally the ban appeal rules say that only Rofle handles Discord ban appeals, however due to Rofle being busy and opening Discord ban appeals to be handled by any mod, I will handle your appeal.

I hope you used the waiting time of almost a week to reflect on your actions listed in the PM to staff which contributed to your discord ban.

To make sure you reflected your actions I mentioned in the PM, I’d like to get following questions for each actions answered:

  1. Why did you that action, in other words: what was your motivation?
  2. How and why did your action disturb the community?
  3. What will you do to prevent this action? Please be there as detailed as possible so I can make sure if you are willing to change your behaviour if you get unbanned.

The harassment is not the only thing that contributed to a ban. What about the other previous actions mentioned in the PM in ? Can you use the questions above to reason those and to tell how you will prevent that in future?


Will you if ever unsure whether the planned action OK ask the staff before doing that? Will you make sure not to be impulsive when writing / speaking in VC? If you are confident in doing this and promise us you won’t cause anymore mischief, we can proceed.


Can you read the rules and quote the rule(s) you broke? Do this in a new reply, don’t edit your appeal. If you do not know how to quote the rules, read the guide How to quote the rules.

If you do not identify the right rule(s) that you broke or you do not know which ones you broke, I can make it clear.


I can confirm: After further discussion with the staff team it has been decided that your ban appeal is put on hold until a decision has been made on your Terraria Discord ban appeal.


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