Triple Zombies Bug Report

Bug Number One:


This is a recurring problem in Hill House. The left door is nonexistent while the right one is there.

Bug Number Two:

If you teleport with a Rod Of Discord at the right time (without access), you can end up being stuck in the intermission lobby. You can go back to playing zombies normally with /lobby descape but mining to the map with all of your items in tact could result in potential exploits.

I don’t have any proof for this as I have been able to pull this off only once. I wasn’t lagging when I pulled it off, so that raises the probability of this exploit being a thing.

Bug Number Three:

I can change my color and tag on DTP and those changes will show up on my chat messages but my title has been stuck ever since I changed it to “Rofle Fan” temporarily.

Also, /lobby chat doesn’t fix this problem.

All of these bugs have been encountered on PC.

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To contribute to the report, you can not kill/damage any mobs. You can only aggro them.


On the topic of the second bug, I’ve actually seen a similar thing occur before. BobH wasn’t teleported, didn’t lose his items and could thus mine to the map if he wanted. I don’t think he could deal damage, as Yems said, but the bug would still allow any users, accidental or not, to become the ultimate tank at the beginning of the game. Bob also couldn’t see our Lobby Chat and thus had to be conversed with via /whisper.

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Don’t be afraid to create multiple bug reports. It’s easier to track them since they’re separate and more concise.

As for the bugs, bug no.1 is a TShock bug.

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