Trading System Visual(?) Title/Color Bug

PC? Might affect the mobile view as well, though I haven’t tested as of typing this.

Dimensions or Services it affects
The Trading System.

Your in-game account name

How often it happens
Any time I reload my inventory page as of now.

Any screenshots or videos showing the bug

My custom title is showing at around 4 days of lifetime and is currently depleting… even though it was at 15 days and a little more recently since I fed it a few items before I started using it (so somewhere 11 days on its duration disappeared??). My rarity 2 color (F0F0F0) isn’t showing up on the Trading System website at all but I still have it applied to my account, at least according to the preview. When I refresh the page, my color is seen shrinking and then disappearing in the color slot, and then my custom title shows its full, 15 day ish duration before immediately jumping back down to about 4 days. Waiting a minute on the page and then refreshing also shows its lifetime depleting.


Can you use CTRL+F5 and see if it still does it?


Just did it, that seemed to fix the issue.