Trading System - DP/Shop Changes

Following on from the changes made to DP before, there are a few new changes in play.

Shop Changes
The shop will no longer allow you to sell items to it, and eventually the sell button and balance of the shop will be completely removed. Instead of selling all rubbish/unwanted items that you obtain, the next stage (not yet in) will allow you to use items to restore other items, allowing you to keep an item you want around while throwing the others at it to keep it alive.

DP Changes
Now that you can no longer obtain DP via selling items to the Shop, the shift of where the DP comes from has changed. Now, whenever you buy something from the system (Item Life Refill, Shop Item, Experience Bar Refill, Upgrade) the DP will be equally spread among the three Activity Banks: PvE, Zombies and PvP. There’s no way yet to see how much each DP each activity currently has, but it will probably be obvious if you are simply gaining DP alongside XP.

The next stage
The next stage is to re-introduce the Experience Efficiency Bar with its upgrades, all costing DP. The point is to allow people to level up faster with the larger experience requirements of higher levels and to try and increase the flow of DP between users and the system, because as the flow of DP increases, the amount of DP in the flow will increase.

People, if you know of bugs, don’t Harmfulcrane them. Report them instead, please. This whole system is here in an attempt to provide a good experience for you with your Terraria experience! Don’t abuse- I mean… Harmfulcrane them. Do the right thing and report bugs! It might even benefit you!!

Harmfulcrane them XD

Rofle this is a very good system and I cant wait for it to be implemented :slight_smile:

Nice to see the reintroduction of EXP efficiency. Will it go down to 0% as it previously did, or cap out at a higher percentage?

I like the direction the economy is headed; towards being a legitimately functional, changing economy, that people have to actually continuously partake in, rather than just getting a massive pile of loot and sitting upon it.

It will go down to 0%. Reason being, unlike last time, you don’t have to level up to get DP. You can be at 0% efficiency and still be getting DP; it will just mean that you need to spend it on Experience Efficiency instead of others things if your intention is to level up.

On the note of the cap, no upgrades cost Credits anymore, so the cap for anyone is at Upgrade 10. However, the upgrade will start out at 0 allowing each upgrade to be worth 10%, for a total of 100% increase or 200% maximum efficiency.

When I tried to refill the XP efficiency bar, it said it will consume 0 DP, but if I refill my XP efficiency bar by any percentage, all my DP is gone. Anyone know why this happens?

if you click the input field and type a number, it will show you the correct amount. If you do anything else it will show 0 DP.

Thanks a lot for this! I lost about 8,000 DP before lol

I can never get enough DP to refill my exp efficiency, it’s actually kind of a problem. I haven’t leveled up in months.

I have the same problem as Temmie. I farm for like 10 mins in PvE and then I get no more than 250 DP

So to my understanding, every dimension has a pool of DP to gain from. Once that pool has run out, it slowly regens? Not really sure. There will be a total of DP you can farm from but once it has been depleted, you would have to switch to a different dimension to gather its DP. No idea about the rates of gain though.

I don’t think it really works like that. I’ve stayed in PvP for about 35 minutes just attacking people who enter (one or two would come about every 2 or 3 minutes), and I never stopped gaining DP. However, I did notice that after killing the same person a number of times you will not gain any more DP from them. Not sure how PvE and Zombies works though.