Trading Colo(u)rs (items that you pay with DP)

Rules (copied from -Eerie-

Please Note:

These are all first come, first served. You cannot reserve anything to be purchased for later, but if you let me know what you want to buy here I will give you first dibs on it.

Addtionally, you need to be a high enough level to be able to make trades. If you do not see this tab on DTP, you cannot trade and therefore cannot purchase anything from me (Until you become high enough level). The trading tab looks like:

Furthermore, all trades are to be acknowledged here first. If you send me a trade without letting me know first here, that would be unfair to those trying to officially purchase it through my offer here. If this happens, I will check to see if the item is already trying to be purchased, and if you are in fact first, I will accept the trade. If there are others in front of you, I will decline the trade, and you will have lost 500 dp needlessly. To prevent issues, just let me know here.

I am not responsible for the trading cost (Iā€™m too poor). It costs 500 dp to make a trade, and if I was the one initiating the trade I would be losing all 3 of my DP. You must set up the trade after I have accepted your offer here, I repeat I am NOT going to pay for the trading cost.

Lastly, the prices listed are final. There is no bartering here. These items are extremely cheap. I really have need for dp, I can get this myself fairly easily. I am not accepting other items either. This may not need to be said, but do not put your own trades here, I have set this post up as my shop, and if anyone tries selling anything here you, i cant really do anything, but just dont. Please make your own topic post if you wish to do what I am doing. Thanks, and if you have any further questions about anything feel free to respond to this in a new reply.


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