Tower defence mini game idea

sooo i was wondering if the server has a new mini game than zombie,how about tower defence? its almost looks like the old one army event that you must protect the crystal and battle with the minster,and add some features like in zombie mini game that you can pick classes and upgrades weapon,and i was wondering if the final prob not the moon lord cause its literally impossible lol

thats all my idea i guess,how do you guys think

Already made the same suggestion, unfortunately they said the server cant handle having another gamemode😅.

Refer to this: New suggestion for a Gamemode: Tower Defence (TD) - #4 by Hen-Ti

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Hey @TruleiMe-Keigu is it just me or just tower defense gamemode is similar to the old ones army?


Yes it is. There are slight differences. One is that your defending a Tower from getting swarmed by enemies. Your preventing them from getting too close. Other one is that it can be modded for improvement.


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