(Tittle)Tamer; Killing an enemy is not a challenge, Taming them is.
(Tittle)Dragon; You are the mightiest of beast, never having to look up, the world is your hunting ground.
(Tag)The Dragon Rider; Even the mightiest beast has a master.
(Tag)FUS RO DAH; Do you HAVE to yell?
(Tittle)Otaku; The Anime is strong with this one.
(tag);My Little Yoda; Very Helpful you are.
(Tittle)Seraphim; This is none above you but god him self
(Tittle)Atheist; What do you say when you get mad? Logic damn it!
(Tag)The Arcain; Magi was once a mystery to you, now it is but simple truth.

I’ll think of more some other time!

You know of http://t.dark-gaming.com/suggest?

yeah i thought i posted this there, i guess not. Thanks!

If they are approved how will I know?

You won’t. But what tends to happen is you’ll find them in the shops sometime after they get accepted.