Titles from zombies, pvp, survival, and build

I’m not too familiar with survival and build, but I think the different dimensions should have titles for reaching certain milestones.

This could be for example getting to round 16 on every map in zombies, reaching 10,000, 20,000, or 50,000 kills on PvP, or killing the Empress of Light on survival (obviously not finalized). The titles could be for example Zombies Enthusiast, Zombies Master, etc. or for PvP Murderer, Brutalizer, etc or for Survival Light Bane.

For zombies, this is so people have a reason to not only play cryptic castle and learn different maps. For PvP it gives some goal to work for. And also it’ll just get more people to register because they’ll see all the titles and want to save their progress. It also gives some progression than the randomized titles from loot boxes and the shop.