*The Future of DG2*

Zeus and Juli own a server and we made it similar to Dark gaming. (dg) We were wondering if it was ok to “advertise” or to list this server as a friendly server so people can join. We currently have few people, (MrSandwich, Chase, and me) and was wondering if we could “Steal” some of dg’s players to help start the new Dark Gaming 2! Im not 100% sure if this will be dg2 or just another terraria server. So if its ok, we could maybe list the server in dg so it can grow and become as good as Dark Gaming Orgianal! Thanks’ for your time!

Lol I forgot my +1 :3

Well you could be counted as an affiliate… Idk about advertising(Sorry wanted to state my opnion).


I know that advertising any server in -game is forbidden but it can be affiliate as Chen said

I don’t support servers that haven’t already established themselves. And don’t go stealing our name either.

I agree with Rofle, you need to actually plan how you’re going to do things. Calling it “DG2” would be quite unoriginal.
@Zues; yes, it wasn’t your idea to make the thread but you were going to speak to Rofle about it. He would have said what he just said anyway.

I’m guessing that if they establish themselves, there would be a possibility that Dark-Gaming and their server would become affiliated, no?

Maybe. But many people who make these servers end it very quickly. I say “well established” meaning you already have regular members, staff members, a player count that is generally about 15 players and the stability to continue on for months to come.

Didn’t juli say she wanted it public? She was going for the idea of free items and a non-legit server… A bit similar to dg

This could be for when DG is down maybe…? Or, so that DG ain’t so full this could be a server just like DG but with less people… Never know where it might end up xD

Slayer a lot of other servers have free stuff and are non-legit. Anyway, I was thinking, there really is no point to have 2 servers under the same network if they are 99% alike.

The whole reason servers form an alliance isn’t due to their differences but their collaborative effort. For example, a ban on one server could be shared over to the other, meaning a person is only banned once (kind of), staff is shared etc. Of course there’s no reason for me to believe that you’re going to be hosting until the end of Terraria which is why I show reluctance to participate in such events.

Yes, but why make another server almost identical to the one before, when people could just play on the original one? Zues wanted it to be legit so its a difference experience for the people on the DG server. Also I myself wouldn’t be hosting a server, I dont think my computer would support anything else.

If you wanted a legit server, why did you stop the self-side server settings? Furthermore you added crefill chests with non-legit items…

I didnt.

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yup, but is there actually any more to say thats on topic?