The amount of DP is rising mysteriously

I have noticed something potentially very serious. The amount of total DP has been slowly, but steadily increasing. It used to be well below 600 000, but it has since came very close to this mark.

As far as I am concerned, this is not supposed to happen. If this new currency were to be added through Credits, this change would happen wavelike, not bit-by-bit.

Right now it poses no threat to the economy (and to be honest, 600 thousand DP is not enough for everyone right now, seeing how more than 50% of it is either lost or being hoarded), but if this keeps happening indefinitely, the market will crash once again. I might be a bit too worried than I should be, but I just don’t want the history to repeat itself.

It’s probably people hoarding DP at this time. The rotation amount does not include the shops.

The thing is, I don’t think that’s really the case. Not only is the Shop’s balance at near zero all the time anyway, even if it wasn’t, it would be more of a rollercoaster: the amount of DP would rise and fall periodically. What it does instead is rising steadily, and there isn’t really a logical explanation as to why this could, should or does happen. Chances are we got a glitch here.

My theory is that there is a discrepancy in the Shop’s balance for different people. There was an occasion when I got ~10 DP in my version of the Shop and someone I asked in chat had ~100 DP instead, and it wasn’t just them not updating the page: the amount was consistent and usable.

If you look at the richest, there’s more DP there than before. Also DP in Rotation considers accounts used in the last 30 days, if people login recently it will put them back in that list.

Also remember, there’s 4 total shops, how much they started with and what they sell differs and which one you get depends on your level.

Alright, got it. This thread can now be locked.

Lol this just makes me want to cash in all my credits and you’d see the overall DP skyrocket into the millions :wink: