Thanksgiving (Long Weekend)

As some of you know, and some of you don’t, there is a Christian holiday coming up known as thanksgiving. My family likes to celebrate this by traveling for about 5 hours westward. I will be at my cousins place untill Monday night so I will not be on the server almost at all ( my cousin has a CPU so I MIGHT come on ) so due to this all my building projects, helping, and ode tarot tests will be ‘on hold’

Thank you everyone for being patient and I will be back soon!
( I think I can be online today from like 3:30 - 5:30 )
ALSO I can still come on the website.


For all of you non-Canadians, he’s referring to Canadian Thanksgiving, not the American Thanksgiving. It takes place on Monday.

Made this comment, Sammich, cause you know somebody’ll be confused. “It’s not November yet!” xD

Enjoy Sandwich, bring some food over :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea well, CANADA FTW, also I meant moderator tests. My bad there

Happy Thanksgiving :smiley:

Have fun bro! and happy Thanksgiving :slight_smile:

It’s thanksgiving in 2 days! I live in Canada, Alberta too.

I live in Ottawa

Wow! I never knew that you guys were Canadian, that’s great. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I’m in Canada as well

Me too. I live about 12 kilometres from sandwich

I’ve also known ahzidal since I was like 2. Furthermore I’m at my cousins, we are having a good time staying up late for once. He be playing Child of light, I be watching! It’s very interesting ;o

I am leaving for home today in about an hour, it’s a 5 hour trip, so I won’t be back anytime soon sadly. I also might not get online very much.