Terraria Anime? o-o

So, me, Grumpy, Folgerphone, Dean, started to do an anime about Terraria. As we need more authors we need to get:

The lores that I made is:
Once upon a time, there was a man who did not protect his world. He made great progress. He killed big eyes, damned skeletons, nasty mucus. Finding a strange scroll, he read about the curse of the flesh wall. Having translated all this, he began to assemble. After the victory over the terrible wall of the flesh - the satan of hell, his world swallowed corruption. This corruption quickly took his life. But only as this apocalypse began, Dryad began to protect him as she could. Flying balls with wings, eyes. Levitating worms that want to gut you, everything was destroyed by a cleaner. Only the character was impossible to return. After some time the girl appeared here. Dryad immediately warned her - You must protect yours. Otherwise, everything and everyone will come to an end.

Arms Dealer: He lived in prosperity with his father, mother, and sister. When he was 6 his mother was raped and killed. The whole family grieved. After that, his life went downhill. His dad started working as he could in 3 works. He did housework. Sister, too. She did not grieve and thought only of the good. When he was 13, his dad fled leaving him with his sister. He, too, cried for a long time. But not a little sister. She replaced his mother. She did everything around the house like him. She helped him. But then, she left. He knew about it. She left him alone, but he grew up responsible.

Guide: “secret”

I want to know, what do you think about this.

I can edit pretty good, so count me in. [I have had 2 YT channels]

Terraria Anime? o-o I want it already, good luck and have fun making it!
I would like to join, I can edit pretty good, but my lazyness drags me back…